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"Boom shack a lack, 2 puppets in a flack..."

2 Fabiola - Tyfoon
Released in 1996

Label: Dance Opera

2 Fabiola was formed in the early 90's by a man called Patrick Claesen aka Pat Krimson. Pat got his taste of the business working as a promoter with Antler Subway Records and a couple of years later he created his own label called Dance Opera and started to release music under many different aliases and together with many co-producers. Dance Opera recessed as a pure house label with no obvious commercial intentions. 2 Fabiolas earlier songs were pure house tunes and seemed to be released without any actual structure. The project took a different turn after beeing away from the scene for 2 years, when releasing Play This Song in june 1995. Pat and fellow producer Olivier Adams began releasing more commercialized music and choosed to release them under the name of 2 Fabiola, probably because of the fact that the name already had gotten some attention with The Milky Way and Kunta Kinte. Play This Song became a huge hit in many countries around the mediterranean sea and the project profilized themseleves as an odd group of people releasing fun and up-tempo music. The commercial effort with 2 Fabiola made Pat create a sub-label to Dance Opera called Circus. Circus contained projects who produced music in a futuristic sound with influences from trance and dance. The project also featured the singer Aït-Fath Zohra and the background singer Karine Boelaerts aka Carine B (who also participated in Cold Sensation - Bang To The Rhythm, another of Pat Krimsons projetcs).

Tyfoon were released in 1996 and consists of a double-cd, were the 1cd containes mainly radio and airplay edits and 2cd contains remixes, giving us a total of 19 tunes. The album is packed with amazing hits and it's a shame that Pat had to wait until late 1995 to start releasing music like this. Play This Song, Lift U Up, I'm On Fire, Universal Love, Lift Me Up and Freak Out were all released as singles and with the airplay edits plus at least one extra version of all songs, the album sustaines a great dymension towards us as listeners. It simply gives us hours and hours of amazing dance music! The E-Raver Remix of Lift U Up and DJ Joans mix of Raise Your Hands is two of the hidden gems on the album.

One strange thing about the album, is that many of the tracks were included with alternative versions all though there never were an actual release of the track except from the album. Raise Your Hands, I See The Light, A World For U And Me and Piano Latino were all included with alternative version names and it would be very interesting to find out if there were other versions. Pat were a highly productive producer so a possible scenario is that he has tons of unreleased tracks and simply picked the best ones for the album.

As far as I know, 2 Fabiola never got a big hit (a side for Play This Song) other then in their home country of Belgium. In Belgium they were huge and all of their releases reached lot of radio plays, but outside the boarders there were nothing.

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