lördag 15 oktober 2011

Eurodance as a step stone

As a Swede I've always been very proud of the swedish eurodance scene. Back in the mid 90's swedish producers built an impressive imperium that took Europe by storm. There were several huge acts like Basic Element, Pandora, E-Type etc that got the big publicity and back home within the borders, there were tons of projects trying to follow their footsteps. Today, over a decade later, it's interesting to see how many artists and actors that in various ways got in touch with the eurodance scene, but today is famous for something else. Now I don't refer to people like E-Type, Max Martin etc. These guys doesn't hide the fact that they got their first piece of glory from eurodance. Im refering to swedish celebrities who might even be a bit a shamed over their brief spell as a part of a eurodance act. I've listed a few just to make you understand what Im talking about. Im gonna go from the top left and end at the bottom right on the picture.

Vanna Rosenberg is a solid swedish actress that today has over 10 big movies and several theatre acts on her repertoar. Back in 94 she and here best friend from high school got to be a part of AdAstra that released two singles, one album and went on a short and intense tour.
Stefan Olsson aka Bosson has had a long and successfull carieer even if he today has faded the big scene. As far as I know, he ha's been huge in Russia and several other central asian countries, how ever here in Sweden he had his big moments back in 2000 and 2001 when he got a huge hit with One In a Million that got to be the leading track of the Hollywood movie Miss Congeniality. Bosson spent his eurodance era with Elevate that released three singles back in 93 to 95, and up until today both Mrs Brown and We Will Be One is still two of the most powerfull track ever coming out of the Swedish scene.
Shirley Clamp is a huge name withing Swedish music. She has participated in the swedish pre-eliminatory contest for the Eurovision song contest, on several occations. She has released tons of music and has toured the country up and down (sweden is a  very oblong country) for many years. She is also a common participant of swedish game shows on tv. Back in 1995 she teamed up with Ace of Base Ulf Ekberg and formed the project Metrix that released two singles were Shirley was featured on Slow Down from 1995.
Jessica Folcker participated in the Miss Sweden contest in 1994, and has had a successfull carieer as an artist releasing music both in swedish and english. In 1994 she was a part of Amadin that released Take Me Up and U Make Me Feel Alright. She also was featured as either backup singer or lead singer on several songs by E-Type, Leila K and Dr Alban.
Richard Silva II aka Swing / Swingfly made a lot of guest appearences on swedish hip hop acts during the late 90's and got his big breakthrough in 2003 when he released the single Hey Boy. Already in 1993 he teamed up with the producers Amatiello and Lundin (Amadin) and together with Jessica Folcker he was featured on both Take Me Up and U Make Me Feel Alright. Under he's own name he got to release Sweet Dreams in 1995 heavily supported by Dr alban.

To Be Continued...

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