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"Welcome to the world of Masterboy..."

Masterboy - Generation of Love, The Album
Released on the 27th of Oct 1995

Label: Club Zone

Masterboy was formed in the late 90's but it wasn't until 1994 that the project reached their big break through with the album Different Dreams. Once again eurodance became the deciding factor in wether a group would reach the big scenes or not. During the late 80's and the early 90's, european dance music were stuck in a grey zone between the influences from the 80's and the digitized 90's, and the resulst was a genre in a extensive identity crisis. Take a couple of seconds and name five big dance hits from 89-92. After that, do the same thing but pick your choices from 92-95. Same amount of years but a huge difference in the range of songs, and i does NOT take a eurodance fan to figure that out, it's just simple facts. Masterboy actually released two albums before the big boom of the eurodance era, the first one in 1991 and the second one in early 1993. Today no one remembers them.

Through the years, Masterboy has grown into a legendary status as a eurodance act. Masterboy is one of those phenomenons that people with no direct interest in eurodance as a genre, still can list a couple of hits from. Quallity of music is not decided by what get's played on the radio, none the less it still prooves a big point. Today Masterboy is synonymous with eurodance and makes many people relate to the eurodance era.

The group had huge success with Different Dreams, but this blog is based on my personal thoughts and from my personal point of view Different Dreams doesn't stand a chance compared to Generation of Love (GoL). GoL is a solid masterpiece and a perfect example of what eurodance sounds like when all essential elements are included. The album is like an immense eurodance trip from the first to the last second. Everything is there, the powerfull synths, the tight rap parts, the sentimental female vocals containing the pointless yet vital messages of love, hate and/or sex.

It's impossible to raise specifik tracks from GoL, they're all fantastic. Instead it's easier to devide them into different segments in wich we don't have to devide them depending on beeing fantastic or not (as I said, it's impossible!). We have the obvious hits like Anybody (Movin' On) and Generation of Love and both of them are complemented with one extra version. Baby Let It Be falls under the same label. Then we have Feel The Fire and Get It On that probably would have recieved huge success if they had been releases as singles. It's essential to mention the amazing track Give Me Your Love that is one of the most well know album-only tracks from back in the days. This is a subject that I will look deeper into later in this blog. Other then that, there is Feel The Force and The Third Masterboy theme, two tracks with no commercial intentions but still amazing of it's kind. Even the customary slow track, that usually is put on an eurodance album just to create a contrast to all the party music (some people call it Euro reggae, I call it crap), Land of Dreaming was released as a single and retained respectable success.

What's the backside of this release then? Well ther is one. GoL was released during the fall of 1995 and as we all know, 1996 was the first year when the mid 1990's type of eurodance started to fade away. It's impossible to tell if the release date had any negative impact on the release, but it's not impossible.

But honestly, who cares?

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