fredag 14 oktober 2011

Missing Heart - Mystery
Released in may 2000

Label: Intercord Japan

Missing Heart was evolved from the same team that stood behind projects like E-rotic and Sex Appeal, a team that featured the producers David Brandes, Felix J. Gauder and Domenico Labarile and vocalists like Lyane Leigh and Jeanette Christensen. The project actually released their first single back in 1994, a single entiteled Wild Angels. Around this period the team was fully devoted to E-rotic and it seems a bit strange to release one single on the side under another name. Probably it had to do with the fact that E-rotic was strongly profilized with an image that prevented success in more conservative countries. In 1994 the communism still had a brief hold of eastern European nations restraining liberal attitudes against for example sex.Wild Angels allowed the team to spread their music world wide. However nothing happened up until 1996 when Charlene was released which was followed by Moonlight Shadow that came out in july of 1997. Moonlight Shadow gained a lot of success in Japan after beeing featured on the very popular mixed compilation Dance Mania (7). Dance Mania was released by Intercord Japan, the very same label that released Mystery in 2000.

Mystery containes an intro and 13 songs and officially a girl called Miss Manu aka Manu Moore was chosen as the front figure, how ever most of the songs were probably recorded with the voice of Lyane Leigh. The tracks is characterized by very dark and sentimental melodies and the sound is highly influenced by the current trends that was popular around 1998-2001. The singles Charlene and Missing Heart was featured on the album, as well as Queen Of Light that actually was an E-rotic song and the lead track of the album Missing You, also released in 2000. There are many similarities between Mystery and Missing You and it almost seems like the producer team placed all of the happy songs with E-rotic while Missing Heart got all of the heart breaking tracks. Today Mystery is a highly valuaeble rarity and a very hard-to-get object.

Double You - The Blue Album
Released in february 1994

Label: DWA

Double You was formed already back in 1985 but started releasing singles in the early 90's. The group, that featured the Indian/Italian lead singer William Naraine and the producers Franco Amato and Andrea de Antoni, gained huge sucess world wide with the smashing hit Please Don't Go in 1992. The project was taken under the wings of the label DWA aka Dance World Attack and after releasing the pop-influenced album We All Need Love in 1993 the project started to adapt to the very popular DWA eurodance sound, very tipical for this era. Together with other DWA artists like Ice MC, Alexia and Corona, Double You now conqured big parts of Europe with their music and during 1993 and 1994 there were hits like Part-Time Lover, Missing You, Run To Me and Heart of Glass released in both maxi and remix maxi formats and also the album The Blue Album was released.

The Blue Album contains a great amount of classic eurodance tunes. All the hit singles are featured and also various versions of both Part-Time Lover and Missing You. The album was produced by the eurodance guru Robyx and also featured by Alexia, Sandy Chambers and Ice MC on several tracks. Many of the songs are covers of hits from the 70's and 80's and there is a strong and sentimental line in the album were the theme (as always when it comes to eurodance) evolves around love, hate and sex. Unfortunately the album also containes a lot of slow tempo pop tunes that was a very tipical element on eurodance albums released during this time. These tunes are often both worthless and pointless but likely put on the album just to even out the sound making the cd listenable to people that don't like eurodance. We can't ignore that fact that many people despiced eurodance back in the 90's, and here in Sweden there were periods around late 94 when easy listening pop rock/punk artists like Green Day, Offspring and Millencolin transformed eurodance into beeing music for nerds.

The Blue Album is sure not a rarity and i remember having somewhat around 4-5 copies in my collection a couple of years ago, due the fact that many low price shops had tons of copies placed in their big box of out dated releases. This doesn't cover the fact that the album still today is one of the most solid releases from the classic eurodance era.

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