tisdag 1 november 2011

"Like summer and sun..."

Indra - Anywhere
Released in may 1995

Label: EastWest Orlando

Indra Kuldasaar was born i Sweden in 1967 to Estonian parents. She fled the country around the late 80s and as far as I know, she has not returned on a permanent basis. Indra moved to France, and soon got in contact with the french music business. She released two albums in the beginning of the 90's and to sum it up she released a "Best Of" album in 1994, how ever that's possible after only two albums? Fortunately the Best Of album contained a couple of new tracks in a classic Eurodance style, and those tracks gave an indication on what way here sound was heading.

The eurodance guru Axel Breitung took her under his wings and produced the main parts of the album Anywhere that was released in may of 1995. The album was followed by a single with the same name, released in june 1995 and a follow up called We Belong Together, that came out in november later that very same year. Both of these tracks were produced in a classic Breitung style. Now one exiting thing about the album is that it's produced by a couple producers, all representing different styles of eurodance. Breitung has produced track 1-4 plus the two extended versions. Luke Skywalker, Enrico Zabler and Rico Novarini (mainly known for beeing involved in the Masterboy project) arranged and produced Party Going On and Take Me High were the Masterboy sound can't be missed. Then there is also Tell Me How, an absolute bomb with energetic synths and even a small rap part, but there is no info on who arranged and produced this piece of art. Too bad! Regardless of who made it, it does not sound like either a Breitung or Masterboy produced track.

All together, Anywere is a fantastic album with several amazing eurodance tracks. The fact that there is such a difference in the style of the tracks, makes it a very dynamic release with a lot of treat as a eurodance fan. On the other hand, there is always a backside with this strategy. Ofcourse there will be a lack of uniqueness towards a project that does not chose to dedicate a unique team of producers. What if the producers took b-side tracks that originally was ment for other artists. Breitung is known for having a huge amount of tracks released during the mid 90's, and even if there is loads of amazing tracks among these, they all sound about the same and his dedication to Indra, is not very unique. Incase you have missed out on some of Breitungs projects, you could easily make up for lost time by checking out this compilation. Same thing goes for the Indra tracks provided by the Masterboy team. Excellent tracks, but not very long-term seminal.

Now don't let me fool you with my contrary attitude, Anywhere is still an excellent album!

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